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Warranty information

Warranty according to consumer purchasing law (Swedish Law).
The warranty does not apply, misuse or damage caused by external damage.
(Warranty of composite sticks is 30 days & applies only for manufacturing defects)
Information about composite sticks : Composite sticks meet the standards and requirements that are set by the Swedish Hockey Federation regarding hockey equipment . If these standards are exceeded by the material is subjected to extreme stress beyond normal game , the material must give away , taking into account the security aspect. With this in mind, the price level of these sticks do not relate to the material life without game experience they provide !

For ice hockey sticks in maximizing the product from the first moment. Nature of the game also means that most sticks (regardless of label, model and price), sooner or later break.

The following applies when warranty complaint :
- Claims are approved only for manufacturing defects
- Due to the nature of the game , there may be breakage and cracking of the product. When this occurs, it is unfortunately nothing wrong with the product, and therefore no reason to complain and return the product.
- For approved claims of the supplier obtained a new product of the same label.
-If not approved claim returned the goods to the customer if desired.
We hope you will be satisfied with your new composite stick and that it affects your game in a positive way

According to the consumer-purchase law (Swedish Law), you as a customer has a complaint right up to one year, after you receive your product.
Salming Hockey applies "Konsumentköplagen" guarantee (Swedish Law).

NOTE: It is important that you make a proper notification.

Visible defects: Report directly to info@salminghockey.com
The packaging is saved to make a complaint to FedEx for shipping damage.

Hidden defects: reported to info@salminghockey.com within 3 days of receipt of goods.
A product which we believe is wrongly delivered or damaged we will replace.

To be able/approved to return your product/order please contact us, so we can explain the terms of return. When contacting us, use the order number as reference, we need to know what product and why you want to return your product.
The order number must always be written on the package and the form putt inside the package.
When e-mailing us, please remember to mention your order number in the "Subject"
ex. "Order Number # 2433" (For best answers possible)
You, the customer is responsible for the return charges in every case.
If your product has been approved, a new product will be sent out.
Note: That the customer is responsible for the shipping cost.

Contact: info@salminghockey.com

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